FREE, one-to-one stress & trauma support for frontline UK healthcare & emergency workers  affected by Covid-19

We offer professional one-to-one support to all frontline UK healthcare and emergency workers struggling as a result of the Covid-19​ crisis.

 Our service is effective, easy to access and completely free of charge.

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Who can we help?

We have now rolled out our service and can offer free emotional support to all frontline UK healthcare and emergency workers affected by Covid-19.  

It doesn't matter whether you're based in the NHS, public or private sector, our service is now open to all:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Domestic Violence workers
  • Pharmacists
  • Midwives
  • Clinical Imaging Staff
  • Hospice Staff
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Police
  • Healthcare assistants - both NHS and private sector
  • Community carers
  • Paramedics & Ambulance staff
  • Mental health professionals
  • Dentists, dental nurses and hygienists
  • Cleaners working in healthcare settings
  • Hospital porters
  • Hospital clerical and administrative staff
  • Firefighters

During our pilot, 100% of the frontline professionals who used our service reported significantly reduced stress levels and an overall improvement in emotional wellbeing.

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How We Can Help ...

Our small team of compassionate, trauma-experienced practitioners are able to offer FREE, fast and effective online stress and trauma relief to frontline UK healthcare and emergency workers  through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), 

We are offering each frontline healthcare worker who signs up with us an initial EFT session of one hour followed by up to three sessions of up to forty-five minutes. 

We know this is an extremely busy time for healthcare and emergency workers and we've aimed to make our service as flexible as possible.

 If you're a frontline professional and you're only able to make one or two sessions, we'd still encourage you to register for support. Even just a couple of shorter sessions can make a big difference to your emotional wellbeing.

All our practitioners hold advanced qualifications and have extensive post-qualification training and experience working with trauma.

Our service is:

  • Confidential
  • Non-judgemental
  • Understanding
  •  Empathetic
  • Calming
  •  Flexible
  •  Online

If you'd like our support during this difficult time, please click the link below. We'll respond quickly and it's completely free of charge.​

Access Free Support

FAST is entirely self-funded. Every pound we raise goes directly towards covering our running costs so that we can provide FREE emotional support to frontline healthcare & emergency workers.

Please support our work by making a donation.


What is FAST?

Frontline Assistance for Stress & Trauma was set up by experienced Emotional Freedom Technique practitioners Wendy Stoten and Helen Mantell, in response to the significant number of frontline healthcare workers experiencing fear, exhaustion and trauma resulting from the Covid-19 crisis.

Their early results from working with frontline healthcare professionals were so positive that they decided to make the treatments as widely available as possible. 

 FAST is the result.

After a regional pilot study, we have now opened up online EFT sessions to all  frontline healthcare and emergency workers dealing with the Covid-19 crisis across the UK.

Whether you're working in a Covid hotspot or are dealing with the anticipatory anxiety that can come with working in an area that currently has fewer cases, we can help.

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